TVRA Rules

The following rules are designed to assure a safe, secure experience  and to encourage a fun, family atmosphere for all TVRA members and guests.

  1. All the facilities of TVRA are under the direct supervision of the pool manager and lifeguards. They have been instructed to enforce all posted pool rules and are authorized to suspend the swimming or use privileges of anyone who violates the rules.
  2. Members and their guests are expected to cooperate and abide by the lifeguards’ decisions.
  3. Members are not permitted to interfere with or reprimand any employee of the association. Discuss any problems with the pool manager.
  4. Possession or the use of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited during normal operation.
  5. No glass of any kind is permitted inside the pool area.
  6. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person who is 13 years old or older (except during swim team practice).
  7. Members must sign in and pay all guest fees.
  8. Children using the baby pool must be supervised by their parent or other responsible person at all times.
  9. No children over six years old are allowed in the baby pool.
  10. Balls, floats, and other water toys are not allowed in the pool (except swim aids attached to the body, which are permissible only in the shallow end.)
  11. Everyone must leave the pool in the event of an emergency and at the sound of thunder or sight of lightning.
  12. Pets are not allowed on the property.

Non-compliance with posted rules and/or the decision of the lifeguards may lead to suspension and revocation of membership. If you have questions about these or any posted rules, please contact the pool manager.