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We hope you’ll choose to join our TVRA family! You can pay online, by mail, or at the pool on one of our welcome weekends. (Please note online payments include a 3% service charge.)

Regular season membership

Regular membership shall include individual, single adults, married couples as defined by the State of Virginia, and family units consisting of parent/parents and their dependents residing at the same common residence. Dependent is defined as someone who can be listed as a dependent on the head of household’s current year Federal income tax return. $437.75 if paid online by March 31; $495.97 if paid online after March 31.

An exception will be made for two or more adults living at the same address upon proof of residence. The exception will allow them to be afforded a regular membership. Proof of residence will be in the form of a mortgage or a lease listing all names or a government issued identification listing the same address. The exception will be reviewed on an annual basis and is not guaranteed.


Individual membership will be granted to an individual single person at least 18 years of age as of the date an application is submitted. $257.50 if paid online by March 31; $291.74 if paid online after March 31.

Senior membership will be granted to any new member who is at least 65 years of age or is a regular or individual member in good standing after five years of pool membership, who is over the age of 55 and no longer has dependent children living in their household. If for medical reasons a dependent family member must remain in the household of a member in good standing over the age of 55, the Board may by a majority vote confer this membership to said member upon request. $257.50 if paid online by March 31; $291.74 if paid after March 31.

Guest book
$25 per book for 10 passes through Memorial Day. $50 per book after Memorial Day. 

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